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Frozen Pipes Notice


The frigid cold is quickly approaching. Major tips to avoid frozen pipes!
  • Homes that sit empty are more susceptible to frozen pipes. Find a trustful neighbor than help check on the home while you are away and run the water for you or your loved one.
  • The Village maintenance worker can ONLY help if emergency shut off to the home from outside is required. Also, there's 85 feet of snow, so he may not be able to locate the shut off valve. Please educate yourself on how to shut the water off from inside the home before calling. If you do have a pipe burst, you must call a plumber. The Village Maintenance worker cannot help with this.
  • Please identify cold spots in the home and prevent pipes from freezing by using space heaters, adding insulation, or even just leaving cabinet doors open.
  • Set home thermostats above 55 degrees during cold weather.
  • Drip cold water in farthest faucet from your main valve. Moving water keeps pipes from freezing.
  • Open the outside spigots to allow to drain water out.
  • Keep outsides valve open so water remaining in the pipe can expand without causing a break.
  • When freezing weather is coming, turn off water to outside spigots and drain all water from the line.

Stay safe and warm everyone! My shoulders are sore from scooping becuase I haven't been used to it the last 3 years! Ha! After the next few days, we will all have strong backs and shoulders!

Nicolette Coble