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Dump Day Info


Dump Day will continue forward this weekend, May 31st, & June 1st.
Friday-8am- 7 or 8pm
Saturday- TBD.
We will have to lock up the dump Saturday after the bins are full and it will remain locked until they come to haul away on Monday.
(We know this is not the most convenient. However they do not haul away on weekends anymore and we unfortunately cannot control that)
All items can be be dumped EXCEPT paint, batteries, tires, and anything over 6ft long. Appliances are okay, but will be on a separate trailer.
Please be cognizant and aware of where you are dumping your items so they go in the correct piles.
Warning: It will be muddy.
The Dump is CLOSED TONIGHT, Thursday 5/30/2024.
Happy Dumping!