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Garbage Utility Rates


The Village of Platte Center in affiliation with Bud's Sanitary Service regret to inform of Garbage utility rate changes. Due to rising costs of insurance, fuel, salaries, retainment of emplolyees, maintenance and other factors, the Village of Platte Center has raised to the cost of service to $20.25 per month for one tote. Each additional tote will cost $5 extra. This breaks down to $5.06 per week. 

Bud's Sanitary Service will further enforce the extra tote amendment to our contract. 

Some important notes:

  • ALL TRASH MUST BE IN A PROVIDED TOTE. If all trash does not fit in the provided tote, the Resident MUST contact the Village and get an additional tote at an additional cost per tote. Commercial pickup (unless dumpster service) will be one 96 gallon tote and any additional totes at an additional cost.
  • Any trash NOT in the bins provided will NOT be picked up.


  • The 96 gallon toter(s) provided and owned by Bud’s Sanitary Service MUST stay with the property at all times as it belongs with the property.  The toter(s) provided to a Landlord’s rental property MUST remain at the rental property even if/when the current tenant moves out.  If a tenant leaves and takes the toter(s) with them, the Landloard IS RESPONSIBLE for the replacement cost of a new 96 gallon toter(s). 

  • The lessee of the toter(s) is responsible for the toter(s) at all times.  If it is destroyed by the lessee, the lessee is responsible for the replacement cost of the tote(s).  However, normal wear and tear, ie.. wheels and lid replacement on the tote(s) is covered and maintained by Bud’s Sanitary Service, LLC.

  • **During inclement weather, specifically snow, residents must scoop out their tote(s) and place on the streetside of the snow drift for service. Bud’s will not be responsible to pickup tote(s) that are buried in snow or is not placed directly streetside of the snowdrift.